New corporate member – Monter-Strojarske montage d.d.

Our new corporate member is Monter-Strojarske montage d.d., a leading Croatian company specializing in the construction of pipelines for the transport of gas, oil and water and one of the most experienced companies in the construction and maintenance of industrial plants, infrastructure facilities and the production of process equipment.

Sustainability and environmental protection are the foundation of its business. As Chairman of the Board Stjepan Novak emphasized, “all our activities are aimed at realizing the vision of a clean and healthy environment that benefits the entire community, our employees and users. As CEO, I am proud of our company’s continuous commitment to high quality work, innovation and the development of our employees. These elements are key to our successful business. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection is reflected in our practices and processes that minimize the environmental impact of all our activities. As a company with high- pressure construction expertise in pipelines and industrial plants, we are one of the foundations of the energy transition and support our customers in retrofitting existing and building new infrastructure for the transportation and economically sustainable use of new generation energy sources.”

We are particularly pleased that our new company member is actively promoting inclusion and that women in key leadership positions are developing projects that promote environmental protection while empowering women to take on leadership roles. As the CEO emphasizes: “I can proudly point out that we are ready to tackle the most challenging projects and contribute to creating a green future, with full gender equality, which is key to achieving sustainability in the energy sector.”

Welcome and we look forward to working with you!

Our members – the ambasadors of European Climate Pact

We are very pleased that our member Ani Trstenjak, in addition to 11 other distinguished representatives of non-profit organizations, business and politics, was chosen as the ambassador of the European Climate Pact in Croatia, thus joining a network of more than 800 ambassadors across the EU.

The European Climate Pact was launched by the European Commission as part of the Green Deal and helps the EU on the way to its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, i.e. it provides support on the way to conducting a green and fair transition.

The task of ambassadors is to take steps in their community to build a more sustainable Europe.

Our Ani is an alumni of the MBA Energy Economics.She started her postgraduate doctoral studies in Economics and Business Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business University of Rijeka in 2019 with a doctoral dissertation closely related to sustainable development. Ani is a member of the Society for Sustainable Development (DOOR) and the Board of Directors of the French Alliance in Rijeka, and, as she points out, „a proud member of XEnergy“. Her areas of research are energy efficiency and sustainable development of tourism. “As an ambassador of the European Climate Pact, I will continue to do my best in promoting the goals of sustainable development,” says Ani.

We would also like to point out that Boris Miljavac, CEO of the Siemens Energy is the Pact ambassador since 2021.  „I feel strongly about the topics of decarbonization, energy transformation and energy efficiency and also as a part of a large organization – Siemens Energy, I fully support EU Fit for 55 plan. I will contribute by using my network to raise understanding of energy solutions for a sustainable future. Energy is an essential part of our lives and it is our responsibility to use environmental-friendly technologies that will respond to needs of the energy market as well as preserve the planet“, Boris said.

Well done Ani, well done Boris, we are very proud that you are part of the XEnergy network!

Newly formed International Advisory Board

We are thrilled to introduce the esteemed members of our newly formed International Advisory Board at XEnergy. Comprised of diverse experts, this board represents a convergence of women and men dedicated to advancing our mission of empowering women in the energy transition.

Guided by a shared commitment to gender equality and sustainability, our International Advisory Board will play a central role in providing strategic guidance and valuable insights to propel XEnergy’s initiatives forward on an international scale.

We wish a warm welcome to our members of XEnergy’s International Advisory Board: Biljana BraithwaiteMedeja LoncarCharlotte RuheDrago Bago, PhD, Christian Hellbach, PhD and Andreas Rörig and we thank them for their commitment to gender diversity and a more equitable energy future. Together we can make a meaningful impact and contribute to a sustainable and just energy transition!

Biljana Braithwaite – Women on Boards Adria, predsjednica, Sustineri Partners, predsjednica i partner

Medeja Lončar – Siemens Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia, CEO

Charlotte Ruhe – EBRD, Managing Director for Central and South Eastern Europe

Dr. Drago Bago – Elektroprivreda HZHB, CEO

Dr. Christian Hellbach – German Ambassador in Croatia

Andreas Rörig – E.ON Hrvatska, CEO

New XEnergy Advisory Board member

Another extraordinary and inspiring woman has joined our Advisory Board, this time from the insurance and reinsurance sector.

Iva Rogovic Lekic is a professional pilot whose creative spirit from the cockpit led to the founding of a brokerage company dealing with the rental of business jets for business trips, but also with the humane part – the transportation of organs for transplantation. Together with her partners, she soon founded the first Croatian business jet airline, which operated with three business jets. The economic crisis steered her business path towards a career as a broker in various companies in the insurance industry, until she finally became CEO of Marsh in 2019 and CEO of Marsh McLennan Croatia in 2023. Together with her team, she has completely turned the company around to date, quintupling its revenues and establishing itself on the insurance and reinsurance market. Today, they manage a premium volume of more than 40 million euros and are the largest corporate broker in Croatia.

Their business is extremely important for the energy sector, so Marsh Croatia’s portfolio includes the largest energy companies that are of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia. As Managing Director of Marsh Mclennan Croatia, Iva strategically communicates the importance of risk management by organizing numerous trainings and conferences on this topic. As a subsidiary of Marsh Mclennan, the largest global company in the domain of risk management, Marsh successfully creates insurance programs for companies from the energy sector in the local and regional market, primarily by allocating the risks to which these companies are exposed through specific methodologies, combining global and local expertise. This is particularly important for industries that work with fossil fuels and for which it is most difficult to find insurance and reinsurance capacity.

Iva Rogovic Lekic emphasizes: “In our company, the energy industry is recognized as extremely important and we are proud of the large portfolio in this sector, both globally and in Croatia. MARSH’s expertise in the energy sector at local and global level is really high. The very fact that we organize worldwide energy conferences every year, the Energy Industry Conference in Dubai and the United States of America, which are attended by several thousand experts and their clients exclusively from the energy sector, speaks for itself. Marsh also has its own Energy Academy in collaboration with the Chartered Insurance Institute of UK, the most important and oldest insurance institute.

In February, Iva received the CROME award for Manager of the Year 2023. We congratulate Iva on this award and look forward to the many collaborations we are planning!

Dear Iva, welcome!

New XEnergy education on PPAs

On April 11, XEnergy successfully organized the second cycle of one-day trainings on contracting the purchase and sale of green electricity, i.e. PPAs. The extremely successful first training, which took place in February, showed that there are still many doubts, which were clarified to the participants this time by XEnergy experts Minea Skok, Tina Jakaša, Martina Vajdić and Saša Jovičić, as well as our guests from Professio Energia Marko Karan and Miroslav Nikolić.

Using three modules and a case study, our lecturers explained to the participants practical strategies, mechanisms and tools for successful contracting and the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of renewable energy. Particular attention was paid to risks and risk management models for all parties involved in these contracts. Case studies, using the example of PPA contracts already concluded, allowed participants to hear first-hand experiences.

After each module, a constructive discussion developed in which sophisticated details on the operational, legal and financial aspects of the PPA contract were discussed.

New corporate member – EIHP

We are delighted to have gained our important partner Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP) as our new corporate member as well!

The EIHP is an institution owned by the Republic of Croatia whose activities include conducting scientific research in the energy sector and providing expert support and advisory services to authorities and other stakeholders on the national and international market. Although the Institute is state-owned, it is not financed from the state budget, but on the basis of signed contracts for the implementation of projects.

The Institute was founded in 1994 and is celebrating three decades of work this year. During this time, it has grown continuously and developed in line with the growing challenges in the energy sector, expanding its activities into areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy and environmental protection. In 30 years, the institute has developed into a multidisciplinary energy center that brings together experts from various fields such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, geology, biology, chemistry, mining, economics, law and others to develop solutions that support a sustainable energy future.

We celebrated the 1st birthday of XEnergy!

We celebrated our first birthday with numerous members, partners and dear friends who have recognized XEnergy as an important player in the green and just energy transition from the very beginning. We thank you all for your support in our first year and for the wonderful company and very joyful celebration. We would like to thank our Management Board, our Advisory Board and all our members, both individual and corporate. Our 1st XEnergy birthday sponsor, TTCables, who is also our corporate member, ensured there was no shortage of good food, drinks and music.

Check out how we enjoyed it!

New corporate member – ALTPRO

The company ALTPRO is our new corporate member! We are very pleased that our membership has been extended by a specialized high-tech company engaged in the development and production of signaling and safety systems for railway infrastructure and railway vehicles. The company’s production program consists of train detection systems, systems for securing railway-road crossings and safety systems for vehicles based on INDUSI technology (I60 and PZB90). More than 30 years of experience in research, development and production in the railway sector make ALTPRO one of the most important factors in the global market with solutions in more than 50 countries on 6 continents. As a flexible, customer-oriented company, ALTPRO successfully carries out smaller, specific projects as well as larger renovation and new construction projects for railroad lines.

Because quality and innovation are the means by which ALTPRO remains competitive in the market, the company has its products certified by independent international certification bodies for the highest safety level (SIL4). Currently, more than 200 experts in 5 locations in Croatia and the region are working on ALTPRO’s vision of an innovative, integrated and sustainable approach to rail transportation worldwide to raise the safety of rail transportation to a higher level. Zvonimir Viduka, Director of ALTPRO, emphasized: “As a technology leader in Southeast Europe, ALTPRO is not only focused on maintaining the highest safety standards in rail transport, but is also actively involved in the transition to sustainable solutions. Our innovations aim to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of rail transportation. In this context, hydrogen technologies represent a significant step forward and have great potential for the decarbonization of rail transport. We are convinced that they can be successfully deployed in this area in Europe.”

Welcome and we look forward to working together!

Enlargement of XEnergy Advisory Board

Another extraordinary, strong and successful woman has joined the XEnergy Advisory Board! We welcome Marija Šćulac!

Marija Šćulac is the Director of the Department of Industry and Sustainable Development at HGK, where she has made an important contribution to the greater integration of renewable energy and the energy transition through her numerous activities. The HGK Position paper, which she co-authored and presented a year ago, attracted a great deal of attention from experts and the public and stimulated and accelerated the necessary changes to the regulatory framework. The new Position paper was presented by Marija Šćulac a week ago. It highlighted the problems in the regulations that hinder the faster integration of renewable energy and the need to set the level of fees for connection to the electricity grid. Marija Šćulac emphasised: “It is not only about increasing the production capacities of renewable energy sources or the issue of their investors. Necessary infrastructure investments in the electricity grid are an important factor for production, i.e. for self-sufficiency, for security of supply, but also for the consumption of RES and increasing electrification. The electricity grid is the backbone of the green transition, so this concerns everyone.”

Marija graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Zagreb. She has been working in the fields of energy, environmental protection and climate for more than 25 years. As a leader or member of working groups for the preparation of laws and strategies in the fields of energy, environment and climate, she participated in the development of national policies and positions and represented them on behalf of the Republic of Croatia at international and EU level. During the accession process of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union, she was a member of the negotiating team for the energy chapter. She was a member of the negotiating team and led the official delegation of the Republic of Croatia at the adoption of the Paris Agreement on climate change. She started her professional career at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. She was Deputy Director of the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency and Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy. In her current position as Director of the Sector for Industry and Sustainable Development at HGK, she made an important contribution to the green and fair transition and promoted many positive changes in the industry, which is rapidly changing in line with ESG criteria.

Therefore, we are very pleased that Marija brings new strength and energy to our Advisory Board, which will be even more active in projects to empower women in the energy sector and the green transition. Dear Marija, welcome and we look forward to our cooperation!

New member of the XEnergy Advisory Board

We are pleased to introduce Sladjana Ćosić, Head of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Group in Croatia and new member of the XEnergy Advisory Board! Her involvement in XEnergy will be instrumental in helping us focus more on green finance issues and improve cooperation with European institutions, especially the EIB.

“The EIB is an investment bank, but also a climate bank and a pioneer in the placement of green bonds. Its aim is to finance projects that support the EU’s objectives. In addition to direct financing, the EIB in Croatia also offers financing through HBOR or other commercial banks, offers the possibility of financing riskier projects, project financing and guarantees and can be combined with co-financing from European funds. In addition, she emphasised, the EIB offers free advisory services. Today we have the seal of approval and when the EIB says something is green, it really is green,” said Sladjana Ćosić. Since 1977, the EIB has provided almost EUR 8 billion to support all major sectors of the Croatian economy.

Our new Advisory Board member has worked at the EIB for many years and is currently responsible, among other things, for representing and promoting the EIB Group and its activities and interests among a broad network of state, regional and local stakeholders in the country. She has more than 15 years of operational experience in financing private and public sector projects, particularly with regard to sustainability aspects, in various sectors and regions, including the European Union, the Western Balkans, Africa, South and East Asia and the Middle East. In her previous role at the EIB, she focused on issues related to sustainable finance, ESG standards and practises, just transition and also worked as an expert on the development of new European sustainability reporting standards for the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EFRAG) and on the development of a social taxonomy for the European Commission’s Sustainable Finance Platform.

Prior to her ten years at the EIB, she worked at the World Bank headquarters, where she focused on sustainable development projects in the East Asia and Pacific region. Prior to that, she worked for the International Migration Policy Centre in Vienna in the field of migration. He holds two master’s degrees from the University of Vienna and Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC, in the fields of social sciences, international relations and economics.