23. February 2024.

New corporate member – CROPEX

We are thrilled to present our new corporate member – Croatian Power Excange Ltd (CROPEX)!

CROPEX is a company established to provide a central location for trading electricity to their market participants and acts as Central Counter Party between sellers and buyers of electricity. It takes the risks of buying and selling electricity for all day-ahead and intraday trades concluded on the trading platform.

CROPEX witnessed unprecedented growth in 2023, with record-breaking volumes traded across all segments with almost doubling the traded volumes on the Intraday Market. This accomplishment solidifies CROPEX’s position as the preferred marketplace for energy trading and as a reliable partner.

Director Ante Mikulić emphasizes: “Initiatives integrating renewable energy sources into our trading platforms have not only contributed to a greener future but also positioned us as a leader in fostering a sustainable energy ecosystem through our dedicated Auctions for Guarantees of Origin. During 2023 we have successfully cleared energy with total value of just above 1,1 billion of Euros.”

In 2023 several pivotal milestones have shaped the trajectory of CROPEX and solidified their position in Croatia’s power exchange landscape. Ante Mikulić explains the successful introduction of Croatian Power Futures on EEX, in June 2023: “This significant milestone not only broadens product offering for Croatian Market but also provides market participants with valuable tools for risk management and optimizing their energy portfolios. The introduction of futures enhances the overall depth and sophistication of short-term markets that we are operating, reinforcing our commitment to innovation in the energy trading sector.” CROPEX has also undertaken a strategic expansion of the Guarantees of Origin Market. This initiative reflects its commitment to promoting renewable energy and supporting the transition to a sustainable energy future. By expanding the Guarantees of Origin Market with Guarantees outside of incentive schemes, they have enabled a transparent market for all power producers, regardless of country of production. Finally, their excellence has been further underlined by the introduction of an intraday backup solution, which increases the reliability and resilience of the intraday trading platform.

We congratulate CROPEX on their great success and look forward to our cooperation!