11. April 2024.

New XEnergy education on PPAs

On April 11, XEnergy successfully organized the second cycle of one-day trainings on contracting the purchase and sale of green electricity, i.e. PPAs. The extremely successful first training, which took place in February, showed that there are still many doubts, which were clarified to the participants this time by XEnergy experts Minea Skok, Tina Jakaša, Martina Vajdić and Saša Jovičić, as well as our guests from Professio Energia Marko Karan and Miroslav Nikolić.

Using three modules and a case study, our lecturers explained to the participants practical strategies, mechanisms and tools for successful contracting and the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of renewable energy. Particular attention was paid to risks and risk management models for all parties involved in these contracts. Case studies, using the example of PPA contracts already concluded, allowed participants to hear first-hand experiences.

After each module, a constructive discussion developed in which sophisticated details on the operational, legal and financial aspects of the PPA contract were discussed.