6. April 2024.

New corporate member - ALTPRO

The company ALTPRO is our new corporate member! We are very pleased that our membership has been extended by a specialized high-tech company engaged in the development and production of signaling and safety systems for railway infrastructure and railway vehicles. The company’s production program consists of train detection systems, systems for securing railway-road crossings and safety systems for vehicles based on INDUSI technology (I60 and PZB90). More than 30 years of experience in research, development and production in the railway sector make ALTPRO one of the most important factors in the global market with solutions in more than 50 countries on 6 continents. As a flexible, customer-oriented company, ALTPRO successfully carries out smaller, specific projects as well as larger renovation and new construction projects for railroad lines.

Because quality and innovation are the means by which ALTPRO remains competitive in the market, the company has its products certified by independent international certification bodies for the highest safety level (SIL4). Currently, more than 200 experts in 5 locations in Croatia and the region are working on ALTPRO’s vision of an innovative, integrated and sustainable approach to rail transportation worldwide to raise the safety of rail transportation to a higher level. Zvonimir Viduka, Director of ALTPRO, emphasized: “As a technology leader in Southeast Europe, ALTPRO is not only focused on maintaining the highest safety standards in rail transport, but is also actively involved in the transition to sustainable solutions. Our innovations aim to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of rail transportation. In this context, hydrogen technologies represent a significant step forward and have great potential for the decarbonization of rail transport. We are convinced that they can be successfully deployed in this area in Europe.”

Welcome and we look forward to working together!