12. April 2024.

New XEnergy Advisory Board member

Another extraordinary and inspiring woman has joined our Advisory Board, this time from the insurance and reinsurance sector.

Iva Rogovic Lekic is a professional pilot whose creative spirit from the cockpit led to the founding of a brokerage company dealing with the rental of business jets for business trips, but also with the humane part – the transportation of organs for transplantation. Together with her partners, she soon founded the first Croatian business jet airline, which operated with three business jets. The economic crisis steered her business path towards a career as a broker in various companies in the insurance industry, until she finally became CEO of Marsh in 2019 and CEO of Marsh McLennan Croatia in 2023. Together with her team, she has completely turned the company around to date, quintupling its revenues and establishing itself on the insurance and reinsurance market. Today, they manage a premium volume of more than 40 million euros and are the largest corporate broker in Croatia.

Their business is extremely important for the energy sector, so Marsh Croatia’s portfolio includes the largest energy companies that are of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia. As Managing Director of Marsh Mclennan Croatia, Iva strategically communicates the importance of risk management by organizing numerous trainings and conferences on this topic. As a subsidiary of Marsh Mclennan, the largest global company in the domain of risk management, Marsh successfully creates insurance programs for companies from the energy sector in the local and regional market, primarily by allocating the risks to which these companies are exposed through specific methodologies, combining global and local expertise. This is particularly important for industries that work with fossil fuels and for which it is most difficult to find insurance and reinsurance capacity.

Iva Rogovic Lekic emphasizes: “In our company, the energy industry is recognized as extremely important and we are proud of the large portfolio in this sector, both globally and in Croatia. MARSH’s expertise in the energy sector at local and global level is really high. The very fact that we organize worldwide energy conferences every year, the Energy Industry Conference in Dubai and the United States of America, which are attended by several thousand experts and their clients exclusively from the energy sector, speaks for itself. Marsh also has its own Energy Academy in collaboration with the Chartered Insurance Institute of UK, the most important and oldest insurance institute.

In February, Iva received the CROME award for Manager of the Year 2023. We congratulate Iva on this award and look forward to the many collaborations we are planning!

Dear Iva, welcome!