Women in energy transition

XEnergy stands for policies and actions that increase the visibility of women involved in the development of renewable energy, energy efficiency, innovative and low-carbon technologies, green finance, etc.

By promoting the issue of women’s role in the energy transition, we contribute to the sustainability and acceleration of the green transition, while strengthening the role and influence of XEnergy and its members on the decisions of policy makers.

Nela Vlahinić XEnergy Zastupanje

Although women make up to 39% of the global workforce, they’re are represented in the energy sector by only 22%. Their share in management levels is even lower – only one in five leadership positions in the energy sector is held by women.

The obstacles women face in the energy sector are similar to those in other sectors of the economy, but the challenges of the energy sector and the energy transition for society are far more pressing, as the energy sector and related industries and services are undergoing a profound transformation. The transition to clean energy requires the introduction of innovative technological solutions and business models using diverse knowledge, competences, skills and talents.

To promote the role and visibility of women, at the end of each year XEnergy will feature an inspiring woman in the energy transition who has made a significant contribution to sustainable development and can and should be a role model, especially for students and young women at the beginning of their careers.

By drawing attention to creative, hardworking and persevering women, we create an atmosphere in the public sphere that is sensitive to issues of gender equality and the various subtle or not-so-subtle obstacles that women face on their career paths.


The fact that XEnergy gathers members and influences change through the synergy of the work of female and male colleagues is our advantage and a guarantee that change will happen faster. By working in different committees, our female and male experts formulate and propose solutions that are publicly discussed at round tables, panel discussions and conferences. Our goal is to contribute to a faster energy and gender transition that benefits everyone.