25. June 2024.

New corporate member - Siemens

We are proud to introduce our 40th corporate member, another flagship of the energytransition under the leadership of Ms. Medeja Lončar in three countries (Slovenia, Croatia andSerbia), who is also a member of XEnergy’s International Advisory Board,

Siemens is one of the leading technology companies developing technologies that changeeveryday life for everyone. By connecting the real and digital worlds, they help theircustomers transform the sectors that form the backbone of the economy: Industry, transportation, buildings and networks. Their solutions accelerate the digital and sustainabletransformation of their customers to make them more competitive, resilient and sustainable.


Siemens is implementing its sustainability goals as part of DEGREE framework. One of theindicators of their success and commitment to the sustainability goals is the high proportionof women in management positions, which the company is particularly proud of. As Ms. Medeja Lončar explained for the XEnergy newsletter: “Our goal is to harness the power oftechnological change for a sustainable future. For us and our strategic business approach, thetransformation of the energy market is fundamentally important because it is alreadyinfluencing how we fuel our vehicles, heat our buildings and power our industry.

Sustainability (ESG) therefore plays a central role for us and our company today and is anintegral part of our day-to-day business. We have taken our commitment to ESG to a higherlevel by creating the DEGREE Sustainability Framework. It covers six areas in which westrive to care for our planet, support a culture of empowerment, growth and economicopportunity, and ensure that our people and businesses remain resilient in the future. Thecurrent Sustainability Report for 2023 best describes how successfully we are achieving this. In it, we provide data on our sustainable production, among other things. Our key strategy isto combine the real and digital worlds – leveraging the strengths of hardware and software orIT and OT. Thanks to this strategy, 90% of Siemens AG’s activities have achieved positivesustainability results for our customers. It is worth emphasizing the fact that our products soldto customers in fiscal 2023 will avoid around 190 million tons of CO2-equivalent emissionsduring their lifetime, which represents a significant increase in avoided emissions comparedto the previous year.”

Ms. Medeja Lončar is also actively involved in various initiatives to promote STEM amongwomen and girls. She is the initiator of the female engineer of the year award in the regionand will make an important contribution to international initiatives at XEnergy.

We welcome the new member and look forward to working with them!