19. February 2024.

Xenergy held the first PPA workshop

XEnergy organized an insightful workshop on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which was attended by 50 eager participants. The workshop provided a comprehensive understanding of practical strategies and best practices, highlighting the different types of PPAs, associated risks, risk management and many other important elements of successful #ppa negotiation and implementation. Through engaging discussions and expert-led presentations, participants gained valuable insights into the financial, operational and legal aspects of PPAs.

We would especially like to thank our experts and lecturers Minea Skok, Tina Jakaša, Martina Vajdić, Saša Jovičić and Mario Klaric, all members of XEnergy, who shared their expertise on PPAs with us, enriched our understanding of complex concepts and provided invaluable insights.

The workshop not only served as a platform for knowledge sharing, but also fostered meaningful networking opportunities among industry experts.

We are gratefull to our partner KONČAR Group for supporting us.

Thank you all!