XEnergy offers a mentoring programme for women who are at the beginning of their business careers in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable development. Mentors are experienced business people, women and men, who spend a certain amount of time in the program guiding and advising less experienced colleagues.

The presentation of our mentoring program took place on 15 June 2023. The competition is published here.

The mentoring programme we offer covers the following areas:

  • Development of renewable energy projects
  • PPA contracts and electricity trading
  • Development of innovative projects in the context of the energy transition
  • Adjustment of companies to the regulatory framework
  • Sustainable finance

Benefits for users of mentoring programmes:

  • Gaining experience from experienced professionals
  • Gaining insights into the internal strategies and practices of companies working on sustainable energy and the energy transition
  • Development of strategic thinking
  • Professional and personal development

Benefits for mentors/companies:

  • Better insight and understanding of the younger generation and their way of thinking
  • Contact and the possibility to find suitable employees
  • Promotion of the professional development of young and innovative women
  • Mutual transfer of knowledge and ideas

How the programme works:

  • Matching mentor and mentee: Each young woman who applies and wins the programme is matched with an appropriate mentor based on her career goals, interests and areas of expertise.
  • Individual meetings: Mentors meet regularly with their mentees once a month to provide advice, support and share their experiences. These meetings provide an opportunity to ask questions, discuss challenges and receive concrete feedback.
  • Workshops and events: XEnergy organises various workshops, panel discussions and events for mentors and mentees to attend for education, networking and exchange of ideas.
  • Supportive network: Through our mentoring programme, young women have the opportunity to connect with other programme participants and build valuable connections and support within the energy transition projects.

Mentori Xenergy

It is with great pleasure that we officially announce the names of the candidates selected for the XEnergy Mentoring Program: Kristina Godec, Jasna Malić, Lucija Medić, Anja Stanković, Ivona Šironja, Antonela Vidović Zubak and Matea Zeko. These young women were given an exceptional opportunity to learn from the best mentors: Tina Jakaša, Vedrana Jelusic Kasic, Nina Dusper, Ivona Štritof, Natasa Mlakar and Zoran Obradovic. Many thanks to the program director Martina Biondic for her great efforts and to everyone who supported this program. You can read more about the candidates and mentors in our new newsletter, and here’s what it was like yesterday when the winners were announced.