20. July 2023.

Nano Energies - new corporate member

Nano Energies

With the new corporate member Nano Energies Croatia, XEnergy has already gathered 3 of the total of 4 registered aggregators on the Croatian market. The company Nano Energies Croatia is part of the Nano Energies Group from the Czech Republic, which started 15 years ago as an electricity trader and later as a supplier, and in recent years has dedicated itself entirely to the aggregation of flexibility.

In August 2022, the company Nano Energies Hrvatska was licenced to aggregate energy and, with the help of its own hardware and software solutions, is able to connect various smaller and larger electricity generators and consumers into an intelligent system under central management. This system acts as a virtual power plant and enables users to reduce their overall costs while helping to keep the power grid in balance. In this way, the company is making its contribution to the energy transition and the increased use of energy from renewable sources.

The first users are biogas plants and biomass plants, which are now part of the company’s virtual power plant with almost 20 MW of flexible electricity. Among the most important users is Energija Gradec, which is the largest producer of electricity from biogas plants in Croatia, accounting for one fifth of the total domestic production of this type of energy. Energija Gradec, with its five biogas plants, has a licence to produce energy from a total installed capacity of 9.8 MW and produces about 80,000 MWh of electricity annually.
“We can help our customers reduce their energy costs by 10-30 per cent without having to change their daily operations. Users do not even notice our actions because the whole process is automatic. For companies that work around the clock and whose energy consumption fluctuates, the cost savings can be even greater,” explains Dominik Maričević, Country Manager of Nano Energies Hrvatska.