5. June 2023.

IE-Energy, a new corporate member

We are very pleased to announce that the circle of our corporate members has expanded to include IE-ENERGY, an innovative start-up company founded in March 2020, whose goal is to implement new technologies and create new functional and interconnected energy markets. IE-ENERGY is creating the first regional virtual energy community as an aggregated network of medium-sized decentralised power generation units such as wind farms, solar parks and combined heat and power (CHP) plants, as well as flexible electricity consumers and storage systems. The virtual energy community uses the technology of combining generation, storage and consumption units. The aggregated units form a unit and participate in the energy markets as a balancing group managed by IE-ENERGY.

The Virtual Energy Community business model enables direct interaction of producers, active consumers, wholesale markets and system operators to meet current and expected future market needs for competitive supply of renewable energy, energy flexibility and ancillary services. In this way, IE-ENERGY will contribute to real-time optimised consumption, increase long-term energy independence and achieve its ESG goals.

A key component of the overall system developed by IE-ENERGY is a large battery storage system with an initial capacity of 10 MW /22 MWh and a future total capacity of as much as 50 MW /110 MWh. With this investment, the company IE-ENERGY has positioned itself as an important player in the electricity market under the conditions of increasing generation of electricity from intermittent renewable energy sources.