1. June 2023.

Akuo - a new corporate member

Akuo energy

We are very pleased to introduce our new corporate member AKUO ENERGY MED, a French company based in Paris that focuses on the development, financing and long-term management of renewable energy projects and electricity trading. Since it was first established in 2007, AKUO has invested nearly € 2,8 billion in renewable electricity generation and storage projects in more than fifteen countries.

The subsidiary AKUO ENERGY MED Croatia covers the territory of the Balkan countries and was one of the first international companies to start developing projects for wind power plants and other renewable energy based power plants in the region. They have developed many large projects in the field of RES in the region, such as Ogorje power plant, which consists of 14 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 42 MW, Grubišno Polje biomass power plant with 5 MW of electricity and 7.2 MW of thermal energy, and the Krnovo power plant in Montenegro with 72 MW, which was also the first wind power project in the country.

Their team fully develops projects, from identifying favourable sites for future power plants, preparing environmental and regulatory studies, evaluating potential energy sources of the site, economic analysis, carrying out all administrative procedures required before the start of construction, to designing the power plant itself.
We look forward to working with AKUO in the future!