24. March 2023.

SmartWay - a new corporate member


We introduce SmartWay, a new corporate member of XEnergy, led by a capable young woman – Petra Mesarić, PhD. The company operates in the field of electrical engineering and offers solutions for planning, monitoring and execution of projects in the field of electrical engineering. Their narrow speciality is smart energy management systems, which enable the integration of a number of different technical systems in buildings and industry, smart homes and systems for monitoring energy consumption. If you want to integrate and simultaneously manage a lighting system, a heating, cooling and air conditioning system, renewable energy sources and energy storage systems, SmartWay is the company for you. The company is also known for its services in the cinema industry. You can find more information at

Our member, Petra Mesarić, received her PhD in 2017 from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Zagreb in the field of research power engineering on a topic related to advanced networks.