31. March 2023.

Roundtable: New models of the electricity market design - REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

We announce the roundtable NEW MODELS OF THE ELECTRICITY MARKET DESIGN TO ACCELERATE THE ENERGY TRANSITION, which will take place on 28 April at 9 am at the Antunović Hotel.

Thank you all for your great interest in our round table NEW MODELS OF THE ELECTRICITY MARKET DESIGN TO ACCELERATE THE ENERGY TRANSITION which will be held on April 28, 2023. in the Antunović Hotel. Unfortunately, all available places are already taken.

There is no doubt that this is an extremely important topic, as the development of a new market design will allow for greater integration of renewable energy sources and more stable electricity prices, thus achieving the goals of sustainable development and the green transition. This roundtable will include relevant panellists who are also members of XEnergy:

– Lahorko Wagmann, PhD, HERA, Director for the Electricity Sector
– Minea Skok, PhD, EIHP, President of the Scientific Council
– Tina Jakaša, M.Sc., Petrol, Head of Energy Product Development
– Martina Biondić, MBA, HEP -ODS
– Darjan Budimir, HROTE, Deputy Director
– Saša Jovičić, Wolf Theiss, Partner
– Antun Andrić, HOPS, Director for the Market Department
– Martina Vajdić, CROPEX, Market Specialist and Analyst

To participate in the roundtable, please fill out the registarion form. The registration fee is 50 €.

The electricity market design has a significant impact on the efficiency of the electricity system, which is particularly important under conditions of rapid integration of renewables and high volatility of energy prices. The stability and reliability of the power system can be improved through optimal market organisation models that provide appropriate market signals to investors in renewables and other low-carbon technologies. Market mechanisms encourage new green investments, investments in innovative technological solutions and smart and flexible grid management, and can thus significantly accelerate the energy transition and the sustainability of the power system.

Technological development and rapid structural change in the energy sector have changed the world around us, but has our mindset also changed? If not, it will have to change, because the market is changing rapidly and electricity consumers are becoming active market participants. It is important to be aware of the changes in the electricity sector, which is undergoing a profound transformation. Energy flows no longer flow in only one direction – from producers to the end consumers, and the number of market participants has changed dramatically. Prosumers, citizen energy communities of citizens, aggregators… these are all new participants that are changing the way the market works. The laws and the regulatory framework have to follow all these changes to ensure that the system is stable, efficient and flexible and that sufficient energy is available to end consumers at reasonable prices. Therefore, the laws and the regulatory framework need to be changed both at EU level and in the Republic of Croatia.

This round table will provide answers to some of the many questions that arise under the new market conditions from the perspective of regulators, market operators, distribution and transmission system operators, the power exchange and other market participants. You will have the opportunity to hear relevant representatives from regulators, market operators, grid operators, the power exchange and other experts who will provide concrete answers to many open questions. Learn more about long-term power purchase agreements, regulations, the position of distribution and transmission system operators and all the information you need.