Nano Energies – new corporate member

Nano Energies

With the new corporate member Nano Energies Croatia, XEnergy has already gathered 3 of the total of 4 registered aggregators on the Croatian market. The company Nano Energies Croatia is part of the Nano Energies Group from the Czech Republic, which started 15 years ago as an electricity trader and later as a supplier, and in recent years has dedicated itself entirely to the aggregation of flexibility.

In August 2022, the company Nano Energies Hrvatska was licenced to aggregate energy and, with the help of its own hardware and software solutions, is able to connect various smaller and larger electricity generators and consumers into an intelligent system under central management. This system acts as a virtual power plant and enables users to reduce their overall costs while helping to keep the power grid in balance. In this way, the company is making its contribution to the energy transition and the increased use of energy from renewable sources.

The first users are biogas plants and biomass plants, which are now part of the company’s virtual power plant with almost 20 MW of flexible electricity. Among the most important users is Energija Gradec, which is the largest producer of electricity from biogas plants in Croatia, accounting for one fifth of the total domestic production of this type of energy. Energija Gradec, with its five biogas plants, has a licence to produce energy from a total installed capacity of 9.8 MW and produces about 80,000 MWh of electricity annually.
“We can help our customers reduce their energy costs by 10-30 per cent without having to change their daily operations. Users do not even notice our actions because the whole process is automatic. For companies that work around the clock and whose energy consumption fluctuates, the cost savings can be even greater,” explains Dominik Maričević, Country Manager of Nano Energies Hrvatska.

New corporate member – GA Adriatic

GA Adriatic

The energy transition is not possible without major changes in the transport sector, and the automotive industry is undergoing dynamic and rapid structural change. We are therefore particularly pleased to introduce our new corporate member GA Adriatic, which is one of the leading companies in the field of e- mobility in the region.

GA Adriatic is part of the Taavura Group. The main activity of GA Adriatic is the import, sale and service of Renault, Nissan and Dacia vehicles in the Adriatic region, which includes Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Albania.

GA Adriatic is a pioneer in the sale of electric cars, and Renault recognised the need for a shift to sustainable mobility more than a decade ago when it developed the Renault Zoe. With its new strategy from 2021 onwards, the company reaffirms its focus on being a leader in vehicle electrification, with a simple goal: to make electric vehicles available to everyone. The results in Croatia follow the European success, with the Renault Twingo E-Tech being the best-selling electric car on the Croatian market for two years in a row! The reason for this success lies in the fact that Renault’s electric vehicles, such as the Twinga E- TECH electric, the Megane E- TECH 100% electric or the Kangoo E- TECH Electric, offer everything that makes life easier for users: they are connected, their smart charging uses low-carbon electricity whenever possible, and the fact that they do not produce greenhouse gases while driving contributes to the switch to renewable energy sources. By developing technologically advanced cars, offering personalised and connected services when using electric vehicles, participating in numerous projects related to car sharing, building smart networks, reusing batteries from electric cars, autonomous driving and the like, Grand Automotive is shaping the future of transport by leading positive changes towards a greener, better connected and more efficient world.

General Director of GA Adriatic, Petar Nevistic, highlights the high 44% female representation in the company, which stands out in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

We are looking forward to working with our new corporate member and to the topics we will soon open in the field of e-mobility!

Siemens Energy – a new corporate member

Siemens energy

XEnergy’s corporate membership has been expanded to include another flagship company in the Croatian energy industry!
Siemens Energy is a young company created by the spin-off of the operational unit Gas and Power (GP) from Siemens AG. It has been operating independently in Croatia since November 2019, and the company’s shares have been listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since September 2020. With over 91,000 employees in more than 90 countries, Siemens Energy develops energy-efficient and innovative technological solutions in various fields. The company’s activities focus on digitalisation, decentralisation, decarbonisation and advanced energy technologies.

The Croatian company Siemens Energy works on local, regional and global projects and offers a complete package of innovative solutions in the fields of electrification, automation, energy efficiency and digitalisation. In addition, CEO of Siemens Energy Boris Miljavac points out that they offer their customers a range of products and services, such as the production of green hydrogen with the most advanced equipment for the electrolysis of water, systems for the production of biofuels, systems for the use of geothermal energy and CCUS systems for the capturing and storage of CO2. A key segment in the decarbonisation of energy companies is the diversification of their business towards low-carbon technologies and green fuel production, and Siemens Energy offers complete solutions to achieve this goal.

We welcome our new member!

A1- a new corporate member

Our new corporate member is A1 Hrvatska, a company whose sustainability strategy was developed under the slogan Future First. Their main sustainability goals relate to:

  • reducing the impact on the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change,
  • improving digital skills with a focus on future skills and creating a safer online environment, promoting social diversity and gender equality,
  • managing sustainable processes in the business environment.

The telecom industry is not a big polluter, but it is a big consumer of electricity, so it is thinking about all the ways to reduce its carbon footprint. A1 Hrvatska is a user of the ZelEn certificate, which ensures that all the electricity the company consumes comes from renewable sources. The investment in environmentally friendly technologies and the promotion of innovation are in line with the European Green Plan and the goal to fully neutralise its carbon footprint by 2030.

A1 Hrvatska is also becoming a significant investor in renewable energy sources. By the end of 2024, the company will install 120 solar power plants and 200 energy-efficient cooling systems at base stations. The total value of the investment is more than €2.16 million, of which 55% was financed by the European Union’s LIFE programme. LIFE is the only EU programme fully dedicated to environmental and climate protection, and with the implementation of this A1 project, Croatia will save 404 tonnes of CO2 annually.

They also expect their employees, users, suppliers and partners to behave and work sustainably. They do this in different ways, through new technologies, products and services. The development of new technologies opens the door to many green solutions that can improve people’s daily lives and the communities in which we live. For example, their users can bring their old mobile phones to A1 centres and be assured that they will be disposed of appropriately or that the life of the device will be extended. For their employees, they have bicycle parking, charging stations for electric bikes and scooters, organise regular bicycle maintenance, do without plastic, recycle and organise voluntary tree planting campaigns. Education is key, so they continuously work to train staff, users and the public in digital skills. With the #BetterOnline project, the company invests in promoting a positive and responsible use of technology.

We are pleased to point out that our new company member promotes gender equality. Although the ICT market is still predominantly male, the ratio of women to men is 46:54%. In various ways, they encourage women to STEM professions and career development by promoting equal opportunities and diversity in STEM through activities such as STEMfemme and STEmfemme Jr.

A1 Hrvatska, welcome!

KOER – The First Croatian Virtual Power Plant

KOER | The First Croatian Virtual Power Plant is our new corporate member and a successful example of a technology company specialising in innovative energy solutions. KOER has developed the infrastructure of the first Croatian virtual power plant and has thus also become an aggregator – a new participant in the electricity market that is the link between the electricity market and end consumers. KOER operates a virtual power plant as an aggregator, and end consumers provide part of their electricity generation and consumption capacities. Aggregators as new entities in the electricity market play a very important role under the conditions of rapid decentralisation of the electricity system, the growing share of renewable energy sources in the production mix and the expected increase in consumption and electrification of transport.

We are very pleased that our corporate members include such an innovative technology and energy company, which is important for the success of the energy transition in Croatia.

Welcome and we look forward to working with you!

WPD – a new corporate member

The circle of our corporate members has expanded to include another very successful company in the field of energy transition and renewable energy sources. Wpd Adria is a regional subsidiary of the German wpd AG, one of the leading companies in the use of renewable energy and currently the largest developer of on-shore wind farms in Germany. The wpd AG group has implemented projects with an installed capacity of 6,110 MW worldwide and currently has 15,775 MW on-shore wind power projects and 3,235 MW photovoltaic projects under development. The Croatian branch of wpd Adria is investigating potential sites for future projects in Croatia and countries in the region and is preparing for a new development cycle. The company has so far successfully implemented four major projects in Croatia: VE Trtar – Krtolin, VE Orlice, VE Katuni and VE Ponikve, with a total installed capacity of almost 100 MW. In addition to wind farms, they also offer the development of hybrid plants that would use wind and solar energy. Such projects not only contribute directly to increasing the production of green energy, but also bring long-term benefits to local government through a direct contribution to the budget.

We are pleased to point out that wpd AG is a company that places great emphasis on promoting the sustainable development of the community in which it operates through various programmes. Wpd not only contributes to the supply of green electricity, but also offsets part of the CO2 emissions it generates itself.

Welcome and we look forward to working with you in the future!

Presentation of the first Xenergy mentoring programme

XEnergy – Empowering Women in Energy Transition presented the first mentoring programme entitled “Empowerment of Women in the Energy Transition”. In front of our members, partners and dear guests, the head of the mentoring programme, Martina Biondić, explained in more detail what this programme will look like and introduced our outstanding mentors: Nina Dusper Sušić, Tina Jakaša, Vedrana Jelušić Kašić, Ivona Štritof and Zorana Obradović.

Okrugli stol xenergy

The aim of this mentoring programme is to enhance and guide the careers of young women, graduate students and women at the beginning of their careers whose area of interest is the energy transition, as well as to promote mutual empowerment of women, knowledge transfer and networking.

The EU Strategy for Gender Equality 2020-2025. states that gender equality must be achieved in the EU by 2025. The main goal is to eliminate gender stereotypes, eliminate gender gaps in the labour market, achieve equal participation in the different sectors of the economy, tackle gender gaps in wages and pensions, eliminate gender gaps in care and achieve gender balance in decision-making and policies. One of the first actions of the EU Commission was the binding proposal on pay transparency measures adopted on 8 March 2022, while a major turning point was the adoption of the Women on Boards Directive, which aims to improve gender balance on the boards of the largest listed companies in the EU. on the stock exchange. After ten years of negotiations, this directive was finally adopted on 22 November 2022.

okrugli stol xenergy

This mentoring programme aims to promote progress in the field of gender equality, encourage gender-aware policies and promote specific measures for the better position of women. The programme also aims to promote women’s careers and lead to better:

  • Representation of women at management and decision-making levels
  • Encouraging social change, facilitating new ideas
  • Promoting networking
  • Helping participants develop specific goals towards which they can act strategically.

Participation in the mentoring programme is of great benefit to both the mentorees and our mentors.

For mentorees:

  • Gaining experience from experienced professionals
  • Strengthening self-confidence, overcoming weaknesses
  • Specific goals and activities for career advancement
  • Personal development: potential, skills and values
  • Innovative ideas and strategic thinking

For mentors:

  • Insights into the issues of younger generations
  • Facilitating the development of young talent
  • Encouragement of women in professional life
  • Knowledge transfer and reputation as a mentor

The competition text is available here.

If you meet all the conditions of the competition and are interested in applying, please send us your CV and a description of your interests and background to

For more information, you can contact the Head of the Mentoring Programme Martina Biondić at

IE-Energy, a new corporate member

We are very pleased to announce that the circle of our corporate members has expanded to include IE-ENERGY, an innovative start-up company founded in March 2020, whose goal is to implement new technologies and create new functional and interconnected energy markets. IE-ENERGY is creating the first regional virtual energy community as an aggregated network of medium-sized decentralised power generation units such as wind farms, solar parks and combined heat and power (CHP) plants, as well as flexible electricity consumers and storage systems. The virtual energy community uses the technology of combining generation, storage and consumption units. The aggregated units form a unit and participate in the energy markets as a balancing group managed by IE-ENERGY.

The Virtual Energy Community business model enables direct interaction of producers, active consumers, wholesale markets and system operators to meet current and expected future market needs for competitive supply of renewable energy, energy flexibility and ancillary services. In this way, IE-ENERGY will contribute to real-time optimised consumption, increase long-term energy independence and achieve its ESG goals.

A key component of the overall system developed by IE-ENERGY is a large battery storage system with an initial capacity of 10 MW /22 MWh and a future total capacity of as much as 50 MW /110 MWh. With this investment, the company IE-ENERGY has positioned itself as an important player in the electricity market under the conditions of increasing generation of electricity from intermittent renewable energy sources.

Akuo – a new corporate member

Akuo energy

We are very pleased to introduce our new corporate member AKUO ENERGY MED, a French company based in Paris that focuses on the development, financing and long-term management of renewable energy projects and electricity trading. Since it was first established in 2007, AKUO has invested nearly € 2,8 billion in renewable electricity generation and storage projects in more than fifteen countries.

The subsidiary AKUO ENERGY MED Croatia covers the territory of the Balkan countries and was one of the first international companies to start developing projects for wind power plants and other renewable energy based power plants in the region. They have developed many large projects in the field of RES in the region, such as Ogorje power plant, which consists of 14 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 42 MW, Grubišno Polje biomass power plant with 5 MW of electricity and 7.2 MW of thermal energy, and the Krnovo power plant in Montenegro with 72 MW, which was also the first wind power project in the country.

Their team fully develops projects, from identifying favourable sites for future power plants, preparing environmental and regulatory studies, evaluating potential energy sources of the site, economic analysis, carrying out all administrative procedures required before the start of construction, to designing the power plant itself.
We look forward to working with AKUO in the future!

Professio Energia – a new corporate member


We are proud to announce that our new corporate member is Professio Energia d.d., the first Croatian joint-stock company focused on the development, application and long-term management of renewable energy projects, listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange.

Professio Energia has implemented many large wind power projects, such as VE Rudine, consisting of 12 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 34.2 MW, VE Zadar 2 and Zadar 3 with a total of 16 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 36.8 MW, VE Zadar 6 with 4 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 9.2 MW and the largest VE Danilo, commissioned in 2015, with 19 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 43.7 MW. Professio Energia currently has several projects under development in its portfolio. In addition to wind power projects, the company also focuses on solar power plants and electricity storage projects. The total installed capacity of the projects under development is about 200 MW.