Dok-Ing – a new corporate member


We are pleased to introduce our new corporate member DOK-ING, a company that in more than three decades has managed to completely capture the world market for robotic demining systems with an incredible 80% share. The special value and contribution of DOK-ING to the mission of XEnergy lies in its role in the development of innovative green technologies that can significantly contribute to the energy transition. DOK-ING is developing a new technology for the production of hydrogen from organic waste, and green hydrogen opens up a range of new development opportunities for the Croatian economy.

Mr. Vjekoslav Majetić the first XEnergy’s honorary member

Vjekoslav Majetic DOK_ING

We’re proud to present the Honorary Member of XEnergy Mr. Vjekoslav Majetić, the winner of the prestigious competition EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2023. Mr. Majetić is the founder and owner of the company DOK-ING, which designs and manufactures robotic systems that protect human lives in the most dangerous operations, especially demining, firefighting and mining. Its demining machines are leaders with a global market share of 80% and are present in over 40 countries. In addition to these globally recognised products, Mr Majetić is also developing a new technology to produce hydrogen from sewage sludge, which will make an important contribution to the energy transition. It’s a great honour for us that Mr. Vjekoslav Majetić is our first honorary member, who enhances every idea and project with his tireless energy, creativity and vision.