We respond promptly to all new circumstances, legislative changes and regulations and organise various educational opportunities for our members in the form of round tables, panel discussions, seminars, webinars and conferences.

Through its educational programmes, XEnergy covers various topics that are important to all our members who are involved in sustainable energy, energy efficiency, innovative technologies, green finance and other related areas.

Follow the event announcements on our website, register and benefit from excellent lecturers, discussions and a stimulating atmosphere.

New XEnergy education on PPAs

On April 11, XEnergy successfully organized the second cycle of one-day trainings on contracting the purchase and sale of green electricity, i.e. PPAs. The extremely successful first training, which took place in February, showed that there are still many doubts, which were clarified to the participants this time by XEnergy experts Minea Skok, Tina Jakaša, Martina Vajdić and Saša Jovičić, as well as our guests from Professio Energia Marko Karan and Miroslav Nikolić.

Using three modules and a case study, our lecturers explained to the participants practical strategies, mechanisms and tools for successful contracting and the conclusion of contracts for the purchase of renewable energy. Particular attention was paid to risks and risk management models for all parties involved in these contracts. Case studies, using the example of PPA contracts already concluded, allowed participants to hear first-hand experiences.

After each module, a constructive discussion developed in which sophisticated details on the operational, legal and financial aspects of the PPA contract were discussed.

XEnergy education – PPA

XEnergy – Empowering Women in Energy Transition invites you to the training for the purchase of renewable energy, i.e.  Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which will take place on February 15, 2024 in Zagreb. The training is intended for our members, but also for all other interested parties.

The lecturers are proven experts and members of XEnergy with many years of experience in working and monitoring market trends: Minea Skok, Tina Jakaša, Saša Jovičić and Martina Vajdić. A concrete example of a signed PPA contract will be presented by Mario Klarić. Their expertise guarantees first-class training and relevant information that will contribute to your professional development. Sign up, improve your knowledge and skills on this extremely important topic and become a relevant participant on the electricity market. The training offers participants the opportunity to ask questions to the lecturers and exchange opinions and experiences. Interaction and networking will contribute significantly to your professional development.

XEnergy’s goal is to promote sustainable development by strengthening the capacity of all market participants in relation to new contract models for the purchase of renewable energy. It is important for us to strengthen the professional community and contribute to a better understanding and application of innovations in the energy sector. Our mission is to connect all market participants and create opportunities for business cooperation in the renewable energy sector. We also want to make a contribution through educational programs.

We look forward to your participation and working together to create the energy solutions of the future!

We thank everyone for their interest, the group of 50 participants has been filled.

Education price: 300 Eur, for XEnergy members 220 Eur. If there is a commitment, the amount will be increased by VAT.

Xenergy held the first PPA workshop

XEnergy organized an insightful workshop on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which was attended by 50 eager participants. The workshop provided a comprehensive understanding of practical strategies and best practices, highlighting the different types of PPAs, associated risks, risk management and many other important elements of successful #ppa negotiation and implementation. Through engaging discussions and expert-led presentations, participants gained valuable insights into the financial, operational and legal aspects of PPAs.

We would especially like to thank our experts and lecturers Minea Skok, Tina Jakaša, Martina Vajdić, Saša Jovičić and Mario Klaric, all members of XEnergy, who shared their expertise on PPAs with us, enriched our understanding of complex concepts and provided invaluable insights.

The workshop not only served as a platform for knowledge sharing, but also fostered meaningful networking opportunities among industry experts.

We are gratefull to our partner KONČAR Group for supporting us.

Thank you all!